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Piñata Breakthrough! Performance Ritual


580063_10151053117986155_1233517729_nSuddenly, I have a blog! Why didn’t I start this before?  Beinvenidos!

PIÑATA 2012! Choreographed Disasters and Natural Events- Its 2012 and we are entering a new age.  Our inheritance of global warming, modernization, post-colonial memory loss, capitalism, consumerism and on and on… is tugging at our sleeves undeniably calling for our attention to change and lift the blindfold off.  As a dance artist and expressive arts movement coach,  I have been developing a movement based on the historical, literal, and metaphoric ritual of the Piñata. As a mixed race Chicana, I identify with her mixed race identity- claimed by numerous countries as their own.

The Piñata spins and flaps in the wind all over the world, in cities and backyards, claiming space for ART like a country flag.  She has been traveling over continents and across borders for centuries and has stayed alive and beautiful no matter how many times people appropriate her, smash her, and take all of her insides. She is immortal.  She celebrates birth… and she holds prayers for sustainability- as the Aztecs prayed into their clay pot vessel.  She reminds us to play, to trust, and not to loose our aim. (dale dale dale no pierdas el tiro!) She reminds us that we, ourselves, are impermanent works of art, and that each one of us is filled with nourishing goodness.  In essence, she is a symbol of life, death and creativity itself. Continue reading