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Tickets on Sale for !FLACC!


My Friends, life is an amazing journey! When I went to Mexico last May to fulfill my residency at 360 Xochi Quetzal, 2 of my students told me they are forming a new company and wish to perform in SF and learn from me.  Turns out, Afia and I will be hosting Marlet and Victor (a dancer and a musician) in our home in October and I will be their mentor for their piece, “Metadonna”.  Their upcoming visit inspired me to invite 6 amazing choreographers to show work and create  1st Annual Latin American Contemporary Choreographers !FLACC!

Meet the artists…

See my video from Guadalajara




See my Video of microwaved Piñata Dances in Mexico!


Dear Community,

I’m so excited to premier Piñata Dance Collective ‘Guadalajara’ ! In this video, you get to see my improvised Piñata solo followed by some quick excerpts from the other movement installations I directed… It’s truly amazing what we cooked up in less than 2 weeks of classes and rehearsals!!   Because of its brief life-span, and to honor temporary art-forms, such as Piñata’s and Dance…I titled it “Temporario Contemporánea”: . Something about being a contemporary dancer in this day and age also requires us to work very fast with little resources. Time, I am finding is the most precious resource in making dances and our practice is grounded in the nature of impermanence. The installations you see after my solo are titled, “Piñata Trio”, “Palos”(sticks), “7 Pecados”(7 sins), “Inside-Out”(male duet) and “Colibri”(hummingbird) – all re-appropriations based off the metaphor and history of the Piñata. Imagine what I could do with 3 months! or a year! That is where funding comes into play …Read more about the philosophy of the Piñata Dance Collective

Since my visit to Mexico, I have been invited back to show my work in Puerta Vallarta, and possibly other venues in Guadalajara in 2015.  Also, I am hosting a couple of dancers visiting from Guadalajara soon,  at the Tamascal Art Center at the end of October.  Stay tuned for more information on that upcoming showcase.

Enjoy more images of the fabulous LOCAL Piñata cast by photographer Yvonne M. Portra on my website:-) no video for that one yet!

or click here to see the images if you have scrolled down this far! 🙂

*Happy September holy days and scholastic initiations*

Love, Liz

Marco Polo

Marco Polo with Liz and Cuauhtemoc, photo credit Yvonne M. Portra