Piñata Dances/2011-14


Photo Credit: Su Pang Dancers; Liz Boubion, Xochitl Sosa

History and Mission Piñata dances began in my MFA thesis performance at Dance Mission Theater as the multi-media “fiesta” section of Maclovia’s Birds, 2011.  The following year, I decided to research the origins of the Piñata and I discoverd a rich history that began to take on a life of its own proceeding to found my company name, The Piñata Dance Collective.

Highlighting the ending of the Mayan Syncronometer, confronting our modern impingement on the environment, exploring borders and fences in site specific locations, sharing immigration stories, diving into mixed race identity, and breaking open lost meanings of a re-appropriated Piñata ritual, our Piñata Dances were performed in several venues with several interpretations in 2012.  Like the Piñata, we haven’t stopped re-creating and deconstructing.  In 2014, I created a piece with 14 dancers in Guadalajara MX, and now Piñata is co-presenting the annual ¡FLACC! Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers in San Francisco.

Piñata deconstructions 2011-2015:

During my residency at THEOFFCENTER, SF., Ca., 2012, I offered a workshop titled “Life Art and Choreography” blending performance techniques with the Tamalpa Life-Art Process.  We also produced a Multi-Media dance ritual performance titled “Piñata 2012, Choreographed Disasters and Natural Events” with an ensemble of 6 international female artists out in nature for video and on stage at THEOFFCENTER… see video below.

Piñata dance film edited by Malachi Roth 

Piñata 2012- Choreographed Disasters and Natural Events Edited by Malachi Roth








calle hospital

Temporario Contemporánea– Casa de Axolotl, Guadalajara, MX. may 2014. 14 performers, 7 Piñata Installations, 3 rehearsals!


Piñata Ritual Performance Benefit at Shawl Anderson Dance Center. Supporting my residency 360 Xochi Quetzal, in Guadalajara and Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico. May 2014. Afia Walking Tree, Jeanette Male, Bricine Mitchel, Sophie Stanley, Siu-Wei Huang, Dominique Nigro, Katherine He, Cuauhtemoc Miranda, myself. See Dancers Group Article: Piñata Breakthrough: A Conversation with Liz Boubion by Nirmala Nataraj

Pinata Dance 2012

PiñataBreakthrough Peformance Lab – 5 week series that ended in a performance with audience participation and a melting “Ice Piñata” by Carter Brooks. Audience was lead through a blind folded journey of the senses with Jacob Johnson on Bass, Evelie Sales Posch on guitar and vocals. Dancers: Sharon Sato, Titine Vos, Tomi Hougan, Shoshana Green, Maica Folch.




Dissilience Art Show, Diana Lara, Liz Boubion, Afia Walking Tree

Dissilience Art Show, Diana Lara, Liz Boubion, Afia Walking Tree, 2012



"Yo soy una media luna"- Liz Boubion in "Mixed Blended and Whole" at The Garage

“Yo soy una media luna”- Liz Boubion in “Mixed Blended and Whole” at The Garage 2013




5-710x4734-710x466blindfoldaudience Temporario Contemporanéa- Photo credit: Magda Bocanegra


Liz Duran Boubion Photo credit: Su Pang