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¡FLACC! is BACK! at the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts


!FLACC! 2015 is just around the corner, have you purchased your tickets yet? And look! we got on the cover of SF/Arts Mag:-) Enjoy 7 Choreographers in 3 evenings of dance Sept. 25-27.


Also, please consider donating to ¡FLACC! and become a community supporter of the only festival of its kind on the West Coast! Support our Indiegogo Campaign here.

Join the ¡FLACC! familia as we grow!

Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers

welcomes you.

(Ver final de la pagina para leer en Español)


¡FLACC! is the ONLY annual festival on the West Coast celebrating the artistry of Chican@/Latin@ Contemporary Dance Choreographers!


¡Sí, es verdad!

And it’s here in the San Francisco Bay Area!

We are bringing visibility, accessibility and inclusion to underserved Latin@ choreographers and communities.

Imagine September 25, 26 & 27, 2015 at the Mission Cultural Center Theater packed to capacity with 150 people each night and an inspired audience buzzing with excitement to see 7 outstanding local Chican@/Latin@ choreographers making high level dance theater production.

It is our 2nd year and we are quickly growing. Our goal is to triple our audience size from last year within a larger venue and include our fantastic teaching series this year.  We just need you!  ¡Te necesitamos!

Our artists, dance teachers, administrators and presenters are committed to making contemporary dance performance and practice accessible to under-represented Latin@ communities and beyond.

Your donation will directly support this vision and help us reach our goal this September 2015 event.

With the Partnerships of the Piñata Dance Collective, Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts and the Center for Art and Social Justice at CIIS,

We are producing:

1) 3 Evenings of cutting-edge dance featuring 7 local Bay Area choreographers Sept. 25-27 @MCCLA

2) Low-cost* ¡FLACC! FRIDAYS Teaching Series. Every Friday, twice a day in September @ MCCLA with Bay Area dance educators. *Scholarships are available. See teachers and class descriptions here!

3) FREE ¡FLACC! Panel Discussion at California Institute of Integral Studies. Sept 19, @6pm. Join event page here

¡FLACC! Mission Statement

¡FLACC! supports emerging and established Dance Artists of the Latin@ Diaspora who are choosing to make dances of the non-traditional, border-crossing, rule-breaking, cutting-edge, queer, avant-garde, contemporary, curious, experimental, abstract, sensitive, hybridized, neo-classical, or revolutionary varieties.  For our purposes, choreographers with “Latin American” cultural heritage or ancestry are defined by all countries that speak Spanish, Portuguese, or Indigenous languages in the Americas- from the Borderlands of the US to the tip of South America, including the Caribbean Islands.  Indigenous contemporary choreographers of North America and all US-born Chican@s and Latin@s are also invited to apply to this Festival.

¡FLACC! celebrates our heritage, our inclusive identities and our artistic innovations through multi-media contemporary dance performance.  We are committed to making contemporary dance practice and performance accessible to underserved Latin@ communities and to creating a platform of connection in the dance community locally and internationally.   See

Photo: Marisa Aragona/David Herrera Performance Company

Your support brings social change

Inclusión: We aim to create a welcoming space for audiences and artists to deeply engage with unique Latin@ perspectives crossing barriers related to race, place, class, ability, gender and sexual identity. ¡FLACC! is also committed to giving our greater community of Latino@s more access and exposure to contemporary modern and experimental dance forms by offering low-cost dance classes, a free panel discussion with the artists and placing our work on a stage that specifically houses Latin@ artists.

Voces Internacionales:  Director, Liz Duran Boubion, is currently working to foster a bridge with contemporary dance artists in Mexico and seeks to invite choreographers from other countries and states as we grow.  ¡FLACC!  allows us to share our experience and innovation globally with each other as immigrants, locals, mixed-race Latin@’s and international artists within the dance community.

La Raza/Meeting each other: Our sustainability depends on our collaborations with each other and we are rapidly creating a recognizable platform for Latin@ choreographers to meet one another under one roof.  Our cultural identities can often become insignificant within the contemporary dance world. ¡FLACC! puts cultural perspective at the center by supporting Latin@ choreographers.  To date, the emotional response of ¡FLACC! audiences and the power of our connection to each other is immense.  ¡FLACC! allows us to share ideas and experiences with one another, claim our diverse identities and find out who’s out there.

photo: Melissa Aldape/ Juan Manuel Aldape

Who we are: 

* 7 Coreógrafos en Movimiento:

Davalos Dance Company, Rogelio Lopez and Dancers, Zari Le’On Dance Theater, Juan Aldape, David Herrera Performance Company, Detour Dance, Piñata Dance Collective.

* 7 ¡FLACC! Friday Teachers:

Arturo Fernandez, Emmeline Gonzalez-Beban, Diana Lara, CatherineMarie Davalos, Zari Le’On, Liz Duran Boubion, Rogelio Lopez

* ¡FLACC! Organizers:

  1. Artistic/Managing Director,  Executive Director, Fundraiser, Administrator, Website maker, grant writer, web designer, publicity, you get the picture…el pulpo, Liz Duran Boubion
  2. Social Media Manager: Zari Le’On
  3. Production Manager: Yanina Rivera
  4. Stage Manager/Technical director: Maximilian Urruzmendi
  5. Panel Facilitator: Juan Manuel Aldape
  6. MC/Hostess: Rebeca Sanchez

* Mission Cultural Center organizers 

  1. Event Coordinator: Andreina Maldonado
  2. Media Design: Adrian Arias
  3. Executive Director: Jenni Rodriguez
  4. Lighting/Sound Tech: TBA

*Sponsors: MCCLA, ABD Productions, Zellerbach Family Foundation

The Breakdown:

As a project of The Piñata Dance Collective, ¡FLACC! has been blessed with the generous help and sponsorship of our co-presenters at the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts.   They are providing the MCCLA Theater space, tech staff, box office, house manager, PR, MCCLA administrators and more.  However, we still need to raise $8,000 to cover ¡FLACC! artist fees and operating expenses for the festival.



GRANTS RECEIVED: $2,000 provided by the Zellerbach Family Foundation

¡FLACC! ANTICIPATES 50%  of TICKET SALES: $2,550-$3,800

¡FLACC! ANTICIPATES Merchandise sales, business ads: $500

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT to raise $8,000 for artist fees and operating expenses:

  • Our 7 choreographers (we pay our artists!) ($3500)
  • Our 6 organizers ($4000)
  • 8 ¡FLACC! Friday Dance Teachers ($600)
  • Videographer/editing($450)
  • Photographer ($200)
  • Publicity($300)
  • Promotional materials, printing, mailing and PR design ($350)
  • T-shirts, Piñatas and Posters ($400)
  • Post production costs ($500)
  • Sustaining Organizational development for ¡FLACC! and Piñata Dance Collective / technical equipment, software, artistic development, web development, strategic planning, administration, marketing, community outreach, grant writer ($2000)
  • $700 to 3rd party processing fees.

We are confident that we will raise the funds necessary to make this important work available to our communities and in tripling our audience from last year.

We can do it! ¡Podemos Hacerlo! With your support. Con su apoyo.



If you would like to make your donation tax deductible,  please Enter your donation on-line through our ¡FLACC! Ticket Page on EventBrite! Fiscally sponsored by Mission Cultural Center for Lation Arts.


Send check payable to our fiscal sponsors: Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts.  Be sure to write “For ¡FLACC! 2015” on the memo line of your check and let us know you sent it. Email

Mail to:

Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts

2868 Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts

San Francisco, Ca. 94610


Other ways you can support our goals this year:

¡FLACC! needs volunteers and social media fairies!

If you aren’t able to support monetarily,  ***volunteer to help distribute postcards, sell tickets, usher or sell concessions! Your presence at the show is the best way to be part of this historical movement.

  • Please spread the word and make announcements when you can.
  • REMEMBER to use the Indiegogo SHARE tools (Twitter, FB, youtube, etc).
  • Purchase an ad in our show program, become a corporate funder.
  • Donate technical talent, software or materials.
Join us on the ground for ¡FLACC! Family in 2016
Join our advisory committee- we value your input and expertise.Assist in managing, directing, fundraising, grant writing, web designing, development, or any other helpful role.  Please send letter of interest in ¡FLACC! 2016 to:

***Read ¡FLACC! 2014 Review by dance writer, Heather Desaulniers***

More info about ¡FLACC! artists and PDC, see and Contact:

Mil Gracias,
Liz Duran Boubion, Zari Le’On, Yanina Rivera, Juan Aldape and the FLACC team

Photo credit: Fiestaban Photography

Muchisimas Gracias to our community supporters Zellerbach Family Foundation, Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, Shawl Anderson Dance Center, Monkey Yoga Shala, ABD Productions, ODC, Counterpulse, Dance Mission Theater, St. Mary’s College, UC Berkeley …AND YOU!
Stay tuned for updates! Piñata Dance Collective is  creating a brand new ¡FLACC! T-Shirt this year and printing some of the amazing photos from our choreographers that will be available as a perk or to purchase at the show on Sept. 25-27.

¡FLACC!, Piñata Dance Collective and more…


Ready to see some dance? don’t tell me the last time you saw a modern-contemporary dance performance was back in college in your art appreciation class?  Oh where or where do our audiences go?  Somehow, dance seems to be the least attended of the art forms unless you are a dancer yourself or you happen to live with one. Lets break that paradigm! Come support 7 amazingly talented choreographers and their collaborators from the Latin@ diaspora at Mission Cultural Center September 25-27, join the panel discussion at CIIS on Sept. 19 and take some low-cost master classes during Latin American History Month with incredible teachers .  ~~~Allow yourself to move and be moved~~~~~  Contact us about bringing your students for a discounted group rate.

*Get your PRE-SALE TICKETS until Sept. 1st.* Prices go up in 2 weeks!* For all details about our SHOW, FREE PANEL DISCUSSION and our FLACC Friday’s TEACHING SERIES in September. See


ALSO, check out my latest piece this weekend 8/15-8/16 at 7pm. Reception to follow!

“Broken” 10 minute solo

opening for JoAnn Selisker’s piece “What’s Best For You”Inline image 1

“Broken” is traversing the landscape of a fragmented Piñata with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, ADHD, OCD, depression and a good dose of Dharma wisdom. With a multi-media video and dance performance, “Broken” dissects the nature of impermanence, life and tissue paper.

Location: SafeHouse Arts, 1 Grove, San Francisco (across the street from the Main Library above Burger King- civic center Bart.)

Time: Saturday/Sunday 8/15-8/16 7pm- *Don’t Be Late!*  And join us for a reception after the show.


SEE Short Video Clip from “BROKEN”



Photo credit: Su Pang

Take 5- ODC Mott Studio Sept. 11, 5pm

Please come and give your feedback to the Piñata Dance Collective  (Liz Boubion, Emmeline Gonzalez- Beban, Dominique Nigro, Liz Anders).  We want your feedback as we develop our piece for FLACC , Mobongui Square, and Piñata En La’Air .

Take 5

Fri. Sept 11, 2015 5:00pm
Buy Tickets at the Door
Tickets $5

***Be a shareholder in the creative process. See works in progress from dance artists. Discuss what you saw, what resonated, and what sparked questions. Then, exercise your share to award an artist with 15 hours of free rehearsal time.

This upcoming Take 5 will feature works in progress from Luis Valverde, Ayana Yonesaka and Elizabeth Boubion.



Hola Querid@s,

10988507_264368233733558_2352733527797803899_o11336922_10203007507227012_1061917867089892661_oI am pleased to share that I am once again traveling in Guadalajara, Jalisco MX at the moment to teach workshops and perform at Meditapalpa and Makani School for the Arts. Dale!  So much has happened since last summer during my 1st residency here…  the birth of a new baby by Ailyn Arelles and Ramón Vasquez, (my dear friends and hosts)… bringing my students, Victor and Marlet to Oakland last October for our 1st Annual ¡FLACC!…receiving my first Dance grant by the Zellerbach Family Foundation last January, choreographing a new piñata deconstruction to perform in several venues in the bay area, and finaliamente, developing a harmonious partnerships with Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, California Institute of Integral Studies and the FLACC co-founders, Juan Aldape, Zari Le’On, Cathy Davalos and Rogelio Lopez as we prepare for our 2nd Annual Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers (!FLACC!) September 25-27.

flaccposter2015During Latin American History Month SEPTIEMBRE

!FLACC! 2015, includes ***a 3-night run of the show*** the *** FLACC FRIDAY teaching series***, and a ***panel discussion at CIIS!

The Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers is proud to present 7 creadores en movimiento on Sept 25-27.  We are: Piñata Dance Collective, David Herrera Performance Company, Rogelio Lopez and Dancers, Davalos Dance, Zari Le’On Dance Theater, Detour Dance and Juan Aldape.

Our FLACC FRIDAY Teaching series includes: Arturo Fernandes (Lines Contemporary Ballet), Cathy Davalos(Modern), Zari Le’On (Contemporary Vernacular), Diana Lara( Somatics), Emmeline Gonzalez-Beban(Folklorico), Rogelio Lopez(Release Technique), Liz Boubion(Contact Improvisation and Contemporary/Modern Dance)

Our Panel Discussion will be sponsored by the Center for Art and Social Change at California Institute of Integral Studies. Sept. 19. 6pm. ¡FLACC! featured artists will have the opportunity to discuss how identity reveals itself through their artistry and about the relevance of ¡FLACC! personally, artistically, socially or politically as the only annual festival of its kind on the West Coast that celebrates contemporary choreographers of the Latin@ diaspora.

LIKE our Facebook Page!

Click here to donate now!

Read this review about the Piñata Dance Collective last year in Guadalajara

With all of the wonderful dancing on our plate, new dancers to feed and a big festival to produce, the Piñata Dance Collective needs your help even more this year as we grow our company.

Please consider donating to our work that supports the artistic voices of Latin@ contemporary choreographers and organizers. Your donation feeds our artists, gets the Piñata in the air (on a bungee in November), and develops ¡FLACC! 2015 at MCCLA!

Your support is what keeps us placing beauty and truth at the center of our culture… giving us a place to gather, a place to think, to be touched, moved and possibly, transformed.

*Piñata Dance Collective (PDC) is fiscally sponsored by ABD Productions

*!FLACC! is a project of PDC and is fiscally sponsored by the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts

Muchas Gracias para su generosidad!

Con agradecimiento,

Elizabeth Duran Boubion,

Managing/Artistic Director of PDC and FLACC

Piñata Dance Collective/Dance Anywhere March 2015/ MCCLA

Piñata Dance Collective/Dance Anywhere March 2015/ MCCLA

On Mixed Identities- Piñata Mama News



Muchas Gracias to all of you who have been following and supporting my work as a dance artist and community builder.  As you know, I am also a single mother and carry my work differently because of this central on-going act of navigation as a mama.  This sacred work of bringing up another human being in this world is both terrifying and totally fun!(sound familiar? there is the essence of piñata again).  Some of you may have seen my solo “half moon” at my benefit showing last year… Here it is again in writing.  For all the “babies of the family”, to mothers who are sharing custody and to mixed-heritage personas, ~Feliz Día de La Madre~

Half Moon

By Liz Duran Boubion

In the beginning, I am a beet red baby born in an October heat wave in the L.A. basin.

Candy melts inside a piñata moon hanging in the back yard

4 sweaty brothers with grass-stained knees line up with a baseball ball bat

Papa pulls the rope

Mom sleeps in the shade

I am suspended in the air by 2 older sisters fighting over who will hold the baby

Their hands begin to slip as they pull

(Dale dale dale)

I am slipping

(No pierdas el tino)

She is sleeping

(Porque si lo pierdes)

They are fighting

(pierdes el camino)

who will catch me?

Pulling skin off the bone

They have more color,

more language,

and they are hungry.

The piñata moon breaks

And I fall….

On the ground with no skin,

I become lighter

breaking up into small pieces of

pink, yellow, green

Salt water taffy- wrapped in wax paper…

enough to go around for everyone

I am generosity.

Present Time…

Yo soy una media luna,

pero soy una mujer entera!

Is being a whole woman enough?

I am only fractions of all the other things

Half Mexican,

half Canadian,

half a mother,

wait…hold the phone- I am a whole mother, but only 50% of the time. Though my body birthed this boy on a full moon in 2001, he only gets a few pieces of what I could be giving him. 2 sets of hands pulling from either end…I’m so, so sorry…


How can a mother be half?

How can the moon be half?

The moon is always whole.

You just can’t always see her.

Wholeness speaks:

Its not true that no one caught me.

The earth took me for her own.

There is a reason for gravity…

Tiny, sticky, hands gather me up

one piece at a time.


Un Recuerdo de Mamá, by Maclovia Duran Boubion, circa1978







Please join me with Emmeline Gonzalez-Beban and Ria Das Gupta for another (different and new) Piñata deconstruction at the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts on May 16, 2015 for Illusion Show! This interactive event is curated by Adrian Arias and is AMAZING! Audience wears black and the performers all wear white. The gallery is blanketed with white paper everywhere to create upon from 5pm-11pm.  Piñata Dance Collective is on at 8:45pm and dancing with colored tissue paper…The beginning utterances of a piece I am working on for ¡FLACC! 2015. in September and for Mbongui Square in November and for Piñata En L’air when I get the funding to make it a full-length production.

96 artists are participating in ILLUSION SHOW! May 16, 5 hours of ART, starting at 5:11pm @ Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, 2868 Mission Street, San Francisco.  Wear Black!

Piñata Dance Collective is grateful to our individual donors, the Zellerbach Family Foundation, Shawl Anderson Dance Center, ABD Productions, Monkey Yoga Shala, and MCCLA.

CLASSES: Please come to my last modern classes at Shawl Anderson until the fall.  Due to the kids program this summer, my class will be put on hold starting June 15.

Ah-Lan Dance Academy- Come see our presentation on June 7th at Albany High School! My modern dance kids are fantastic! I’m also teaching Family Yoga, Pre-Ballet and Ballet at the Oakland YMCA. Contact me for more info.

MEXICO- I’m going back to Guadalajara!  Stay tuned on FB as I share my journey teaching in MX again this summer!  Hosted by Victor Infante and Marlet Martinez, I will be offering classes and workshops June 15-July 6.

SAVE THE DATE! Tickets available on MCCLA website soon! WATCH FLACC VIDEO!:-)

Piñata Dance Collective/Dance Anywhere March 2015/ MCCLA

Piñata Dance Collective/Dance Anywhere March 2015/ MCCLA



So much is brewing with the Piñata Dance Collective and the 2nd Annual ¡FLACC! Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers. See my new class schedule below, see the new website for ¡FLACC! and enjoy the promo video above!

As Artistic and Executive Director of PDC and ¡FLACC!  I’m excited to announce that based on the huge success of  last year’s festival, this year, 8 more choreographers will be presented by the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts in SF Sept. 25-27 2015! We are very grateful for the generous support from MCCLA as our host and fiscal sponsors in the heart of the Mission in S.F. making contemporary dance more accessible to our Chicano/a,Latino/a constituency and creating a platform for us as artists to  connect and share our work.

SAVE THE DATE for 2nd Annual ¡FLACC! 2015 Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers 2015 Sept. 25-27 Featured Choreographers:  Dance Monks, Detour Dance, Juan Aldape, Rogelio Lopez and Dancers, Davalos Dance Company and Piñata Dance Collective. Location:  Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts- 2868 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA, 94110

Save the date for the ¡FLACC! Panel Discussion Sept. 12, 2015 : Artists will have a chance to talk about their  work, Identity/Latinidad and how heritage shows up artistically and how this festival is relevant personally, artistically or politically.  Facilitated by Juan Aldape, Ph.D Candidate, UCBerkely.  Location: Center for Art and Social Justice- California Institute for Integral Studies. 1453 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

Currently, ¡FLACC! organizers are Liz Duran Boubion, CatherineMarie Davalos, Zari Le’on, Rogelio Lopez and Juan Aldape.

Also, below is my weekly dance class schedule. Click on the titles for details. I look forward to seeing you dance! ~ Abrazos, Liz

Adult Intermediate Modern *TIME CHANGE!* Join me on Monday’s 11:30-1pm at Shawl Anderson Dance Center!

Modern Dance for youth ages 8-14. Fridays 4pm-5pm- Ah-Lan Chinese Dance Academy, El Cerrito, Ca.

Family Yoga Oakland YMCA Fridays 6:30-7:20

Motivational Movement and Music for Elders 2 locations: Senior Access, San Rafael, Ca. Thurs. 10:30-12pm, The Point in Rockridge, Oakland, Ca.- Tuesdays 10-11am

Private Movement Coaching– Somatic Therapy or Contemporary Dance Technique- based on a time we decide.

The Piñata Speaks


Dear Supporters,

Given the terrible violence and injustices against People of the Global Majority(aka POC) in our midst, it is even more important that we use the arts and our community connections to metabolize and transform our pain and rage into solution-based action. I can’t help but look at the Piñata for inspiration once again… as we are clearly smashing open the external facades, breaking open our hearts and tearing apart old paradigms- This is part of the re-evolution.  We are becoming human again. As much as it hurts, and as much work as its going to take personally, collectively and politically… I feel hopeful. Hopeful that the lives taken by the un-human police brutality in the U.S. and in Mexico, are finally, not completely in vain. It appears to me that these lives, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Andy Lopez, Ayotzinapa 43…with the support of community activism, are changing the way people think.  Many more people are finally waking up to the realities of racism and what white privilege is all about in the U.S. and the abuse of power in Mexico is directly related to corruption of US tactics over decades.  Thank you to all of the protesters who are putting their bodies on the front lines to stand, sit, sing, chant or lay down for what they believe in. And, of course to all those who have been fighting this fight for the last 500 years.

Dancing wings with Afia

Afia Walking Tree and Friends, Dec. 2014

Last Saturday, I performed on the stage with Afia Walking Tree & Friends at the Community Center in Sebastopol, Ca. 1 hour north of Oakland.  Before going on stage, I couldn’t talk to anyone, I only felt submerged in all of the anger and sadness and seriousness of life right now.  But when I got on stage with those hawk wings in my hands, I just went for it. I let them fly me and transform my negativity into power and strength.  I used the energy of my madness- the worlds madness- and danced, raged, stomped, pounced, shook, spun, sang and howled… we went wild and strong with the powerful beat of Afia’s drum.  Then, after a few more minutes, I took the mic and prayed for peace with my Navajo flute while Afia, Deb, Larissa and Marchelle played the drums.


Meghan Ballog, Piñata Benefit Showing, May 2014

This is the time for artists to emerge like a phoenix out of the fire to transmute the sorrow into beauty. Or, as I have said of artists in the past, “we are the mushrooms (the immune system) of the planet, we absorb the toxins of the earth and turn it into medicine..into beauty”. Have you been paying attention to your artistry at this time? Have you found a way to express your rage in a good way? Artists are stronger and more needed right now, because the world needs our medicine…and its not about “who’s who” on stage anymore… its about change, resiliency and freedom for the earth and for her inhabitants. Consider scheduling a 1:1 Somatic Expressive Movement session with me.


!FLACC! Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers, Oct. 2014

Thank you for supporting the Piñata Dance Collective in 2014.  I shared an amazing year with a lot of incredible artivists in the SF Bay Area and in Guadalajara, MX.  Our next Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers !FLACC! is finding its 2015 home.  So far, we have a deep embrace from the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts in SF, the California Institute of Integral Studies and support from the Zellerbach Family Fund.

Click here to see a short bit of choreography from my recent class at Shawl Anderson: Amidst the chaos, there are dancers reading their hands…. (students: Ria DasGupta & Rinda Wardle)

Click here to connect to the DONATE page in support of Piñata Dance Collective this holiday season.

Con Amor y Paz, Liz

Guadalupe’s Angel- Liz Boubion 2009

Tickets on Sale for !FLACC!


My Friends, life is an amazing journey! When I went to Mexico last May to fulfill my residency at 360 Xochi Quetzal, 2 of my students told me they are forming a new company and wish to perform in SF and learn from me.  Turns out, Afia and I will be hosting Marlet and Victor (a dancer and a musician) in our home in October and I will be their mentor for their piece, “Metadonna”.  Their upcoming visit inspired me to invite 6 amazing choreographers to show work and create  1st Annual Latin American Contemporary Choreographers !FLACC!

Meet the artists…

See my video from Guadalajara




See my Video of microwaved Piñata Dances in Mexico!


Dear Community,

I’m so excited to premier Piñata Dance Collective ‘Guadalajara’ ! In this video, you get to see my improvised Piñata solo followed by some quick excerpts from the other movement installations I directed… It’s truly amazing what we cooked up in less than 2 weeks of classes and rehearsals!!   Because of its brief life-span, and to honor temporary art-forms, such as Piñata’s and Dance…I titled it “Temporario Contemporánea”: . Something about being a contemporary dancer in this day and age also requires us to work very fast with little resources. Time, I am finding is the most precious resource in making dances and our practice is grounded in the nature of impermanence. The installations you see after my solo are titled, “Piñata Trio”, “Palos”(sticks), “7 Pecados”(7 sins), “Inside-Out”(male duet) and “Colibri”(hummingbird) – all re-appropriations based off the metaphor and history of the Piñata. Imagine what I could do with 3 months! or a year! That is where funding comes into play …Read more about the philosophy of the Piñata Dance Collective

Since my visit to Mexico, I have been invited back to show my work in Puerta Vallarta, and possibly other venues in Guadalajara in 2015.  Also, I am hosting a couple of dancers visiting from Guadalajara soon,  at the Tamascal Art Center at the end of October.  Stay tuned for more information on that upcoming showcase.

Enjoy more images of the fabulous LOCAL Piñata cast by photographer Yvonne M. Portra on my website:-) no video for that one yet!

or click here to see the images if you have scrolled down this far! 🙂

*Happy September holy days and scholastic initiations*

Love, Liz

Marco Polo

Marco Polo with Liz and Cuauhtemoc, photo credit Yvonne M. Portra



Come to my Friday Modern Classes at Shawl Anderson!

Photo Credit: Matt Haber

Photo Credit: Matt Haber

Dear Dancers, Click here to see entire post. I am sending out a reminder that I am teaching on-going Int./Adv. Modern Dance classes at Shawl Anderson every Friday 11:30am-1:00pm from now until eternity… 😉 I’m offering new choreography every few weeks so come out and dance with me!

**Also, for those of you who are less experienced, or who simply can’t make it on Friday’s but wish to learn from me, just contact me and let me know!  I do privates and I am also considering offering a couple more adult classes in Contact Improvisation and Modern Dance in another location.

**If you know any youngsters, I am teaching Modern Classes to the youth at Ah-Lan Chinese Dance Academy in El Cerrito in the Fall on Fridays at 3:30-4:30. Please contact them to sign up your child. The ages are from about 9-14.  I’ve been teaching at their beautiful studio this Summer and love it!

**This August 15-18, I will be accompanying Afia Walking Tree and teaching restorative movement for women at the California Alliance for Women (CAW) 2014 Summer Camp… if you wish to attend a magical weekend in nature, sign up here:

Piñata Breakthrough: A Conversation with Liz Boubion for Dancers Group June Issue


Amigos, he regresado de Mexico!  I have returned!

While I was away, Dancers Group published this interview I did with Nirmala Nataraj in their June “InDance” issue.  I hope you enjoy it and please share widely! click here:

Pyramid video

Click on Photo to see a quick dance on the top of the Pyramid of the Moon in Teotihuacan, near Mexico City.

Mexico: As you know, I had no idea what I was going to create in Mexico before I got to my residency with 360 Xochi Quetzal.  However, when I arrived to this beautiful land and culture, it was as if every step I took was meant to be (except when I twisted my ankle walking down the street in Mexico City at the end of my trip:-(…….But up until then, especially in Guadalajara and Lake Chapala, every person I met was divinely placed there so that I could realize my vision of teaching and choreographing.  Through the domino effect of introductions… I ended up meeting Ailyn Arelles who produced my site specific Piñata installation called “Temporario Contemporánea”  located at her amazing house in Guadalajara.  I also taught a 4-day dance workshop at the Cultural Art Center of Jalisco the largest dance studio in Guadalajara.

Here are the dancers, musicians and assistants who helped create 6 movement installations throughtout the space: Temporario Contemporanea(more photos to come!)

AngelAngel y Omarcalle hospitalOdra