Macoliva’s Birds: Inspirados por el Arte de Mi Abuelita 2011


Choreographed and Directed by Liz Duran Boubion

In a shared evening with the Purple Moon Dance Project in 2011, Maclovia’s Birds, was inspired by the story of my late grandparents from Sonora, Mexico and their 10 children raised in East Los Angeles. I worked with hundreds of drawings and poems created in pencil and ink by my grandmother, Maclovia Duran Boubion in the last 10 years of her life.  The artwork held the depiction of birds, both bound and free, prey and predator as a symbolic motif communicating her legacy and offering me a poignant story, as a female dance artist and mixed-race Chicana. The show included projected images of her drawings, spoken word, live musicians, sound recordings of my father and incorporated the scarves that belonged to my late Auntie Pilar (her oldest daughter and former nun) who suffered from Alzheimer disease until her death. Scroll down to see video below portrait.

see excerpts here:

Maclovia’s Birds: Inspirados Por El Arte De Mi Abuelita (2011) Dance Mission Theater. 

Maclovia’s Birds whole show in 3 parts on vimeo: 

Artistic Director:  Liz Boubion.
Dancers:  Liz Boubion, Dominique Nigro, Katherine Orloff, Gina Shorten.
Live Musicians: Karla Avila- Clarinet and vocals, T-Bird Luv (Tonya Ridgely),- Flute and vocals, Evelie Sales Posch- Guitar and vocals.
Actor, “Santa Maclovia”:  Karla Avila.
Video Projection: Meghan Ballog. Artwork: Maclovia Lujan Duran Boubion (1895-1984).
Text: Poetry by Maclovia Lujan Duran Boubion and Liz Boubion.
Lighting Design:  Stephanie Johnson.
Set Design:  Liz Boubion. Construction: Casey Fern.
Costumes:  Hailey Gaiser.
Props: Scarvs belonged to Auntie Pilar
Location: Dance Mission Theater, San Francisco, Ca. April 2011.
Video Documentation by Loren R. Robertson Productions (