Somatic Movement Counseling



Due to the increase in mental health challenges during the COVID 19 Pandemic, the effects of prolonged sheltering in place, the traumatic events impacting people of color and direct action activists fighting for human rights and racial justice, I am offering private on-line Somatic Movement Counseling sessions through ZOOM… pay what you can for those in financial need need. 

If you are in crisis or in danger at home call 911.  



And for local and regional hotlines resources and shelters for women, trans women and youth crisis support check this website:  

From the Alameda county crisis support website: CRISIS SUPPORT SERVICES OF ALAMEDA COUNTY, CA – 24 HOUR CRISIS LINE: 1-800-309-2131  


Somatic Movement Counseling


Identify. Confront. Release. Change. Grow. (The five-part framework of the Tamalpa Life-Art Process with Liz Duran Boubion, Registered Somatic Movement Therapist and Educator with ISMETA)

Dance your soma-story with a compassionate witness and guide…

Individual guiding with me and the Tamalpa Life-Art Process® provides a creative container to express, sense and examine your personal, cultural and archetypal life themes through the inherent self-healing abilities of the body and mind.  In co-creation with you, I will offer resources from a broad base of my experienliz22ce as a movement specialist to invite your own authentic movement vocabularies.   Through the felt experience in the moment, we give attention to the wisdom of the body for voices and stories that are longing to be expressed.

I facilitate groups and offer individual private sessions based in the Tamalpa Life-Art Process coupled with my 25 year career in professional dance performance, choreography, teaching, Contact Improvisation, Somatic Movement Counseling and parenting. I utilize inter-modal arts processes to generate Self-awareness in the context of life and practice integrating physical, emotional and mental levels of awareness.

Individual guiding sessions with a nonjudgemental and encouraging witness can help the growth process at an accelerated pace. My sessions with you depend on what areas you wish to focus on or what becomes revealed in the body.  Together, we dedicate time for creative process, deepening awareness of the senses and personal body mythologies of the past, present and future.

One-on-one coaching/guiding is suitable for anyone with a body and would be beneficial for individuals who wish to do one or more of the following:

  • Move through emotions, personal themes, transitions, goals or specific life questions and challenges.
  • Break through inhibitions and patterns mentally, physically or emotionally.
  • Utilize the power of art and creativity to envision and manifest personal growth.
  • Enliven self-connection through the body in stillness, breath, sounding, movement and touch.
  • Unlock the singing voice and retrieve it as a passageway to the soul and vibrational healing.
  • Embody and embrace your identity (including: gender, sexual, age, professional, cultural, religious, social, personal, familial, etc).
  • Develop your artistic voice for performance, exhibition and composition.
  • Lower anxiety levels (including performance/social anxiety or for daily function).
  • Cultivate self-care in the face of adversity. ie. depression, grief, loss, post-traumatic stress, life transition or physical illness.
  • Gain self confidence and awareness by outwardly making visible the deeper layers of the internal landscape.
  • Generate meaningful choreography based on your personal body mythology.

Some Methods and Resources (what happens in a session?):

  • checking-in/ dialogue
  • identify one or two themes of your life from a body-based approach (physically, emotionally, or mentally)
  • movement exploration and coaching
  • somatic awareness exercises (for grounding, re-patterning, homeostasis and anatomical alignment)
  • self-regulating breath explorations (increase flow and lower anxiety)
  • drawing (symbolic imagery)
  • writing/poetic response (self-reflection)
  • vocal expression (freeing the voice)
  • dialog (with me, or with conflicting or collaborating parts of yourself)
  • guided meditation (integration, return to self, drop-into the soul of the moment)
  • hands-on contact or physical support
  • stillness


Virtual Sessions are on ZOOM or Google Meets.

My fees are flexible during the COVID 19 Pandemic.  Pay-what-you-can.

My regular rate is $100/1 hour

After our first visit, I encourage people to sign up for 4-6 sessions, in order to allow a relationship to develop and for you to delve deeper into your personal themes as you become more familiar with the methods and with me as your guide/witness. 

Payment can be paid each session or in advance.

@Elizabeth-Boubion (Venmo) or Paypal


Liz smilingLiz Duran Boubion, MFA, RSMT is a second-generation Mexican-American, queer choreographer, somatic movement counselor and single mother. Liz is the Artistic Director of an experimental performance company in the SF Bay Area called the Piñata Dance Collective founded in 2011, as well as, the founder of the Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers ¡FLACC! SF Bay Area founded in 2014.  She offers classes and workshops internationally that bridge performance and the healing modalities of the Tamala Life-Art Process, Somatics, Contact Improvisation, Contemporary Dance, Story telling and Ritual.  She works to build communities and foster holistic growth for people of all ages, backgrounds and levels of experience.

Liz has worked with diverse populations in groups and individually within clinical and non-clinical settings including:

Individuals living with depression, anxiety, PTSD, mental illness, body dysmorphic disorder, survivors of physical, sexual or racial abuse, individuals with atypical neurology and elders with neurodegenerative disease. I have worked with culturally diverse and marginalized populations, all ages, abilities, sexual/gender identities, LGBTQIA teens and adults, women in cancer remission, bedside visits in palliative care, women on parole, women in addiction recovery, prenatal women, artists, performers, healers, educators, therapists and more.

ISMETA Registration # 1403111

Please email me with any questions: 

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