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Claypot Piñata- Liz Boubion and Merryl Juniper

Thank you for filling our Piñata! It is passionate individuals like you who are sustaining our work dedicated to innovation and social wellness. Piñata Dance Collective believes that a society that is centered around art and culture has the ability to evolve, heal, and inspire positive change in the hearts of its constituents.

All donations for Piñata Dance Collective and ¡FLACC! Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers are tax deductible through our non-profit fiscal sponsor organization Dancers’ Group.

​​Send Checks Payable to Dancers’ Group to Address below:
Piñata Dance Collective
147 Duncan Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 920-9181
​EIN: 94-2879185

Mil Gracias!

Elizabeth Duran Boubion, Artistic Director



P1250351-21st Annual Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers, ¡FLACC! 2014

From left to right: Victor Infante, Marlet Martínez, Zari Leon, Diana Lara, Rogelio Lopez, Natta  Quintero Hong, Eric Garcia, Liz Duran Boubion, CatherineMarie Davalos