Cuatro Vientos (Four Winds)

Middle of Nowhere
Photo Credit: Eva Soltes
Middle of Nowhere/Photo: Eva Soltes

Cuatro Vientos (Four Winds) is a dance-theater production by Liz Duran Boubion and members of the Piñata Dance Collective that confronts fears and strategies of being alone. On a pilgrimage through the Mojave desert, a woman meets the elements with teeth, lungs and curiosity only miles from where the remains of a woman’s corpse were recently found near an abandoned car by the local U.S. Marine base. The ancient desert mythos transforms her body into the element of wind as she crosses into the spiritual realm, discovering lost souls, lost shoes, bullet shells and animal tracks. Cuatro Vientos is a performance ritual dedicated to murdered and missing women.

When: June 8th (8pm) + June 10th (6pm)

Where: Joe Goode Annex

Tickets: San Francisco International Arts Festival

AUDITION/Master Class: March 12, 2-4pm @Alonzo Kings Lines Dance Center

Register here: Contemporary Reperatory and Audition Master Class with Liz Boubion

OPTIONAL Audition for Cuatro Vientos, please fill out this form:-) Audition Sheet.

*If you are unable to attend the March 12th workshop 2-4pm, please email Liz Boubion with your letter of interest, a video of your dancing and artistic biography before March 10th:

Dancer Call! Liz Boubion is offering a contemporary dance class with the option to audition for the Piñata Dance Collective and her upcoming performance ritual “Cuatro Vientos” (four winds). Come take a workshop, get familiar with Liz’s unique interdisciplinary creative process, contemporary dance techiques, choreographic phrases and vocal expression (there will be a short guided singing circle at the end). Movement phrases and improvisational scores are built on the concepts of directionality, natural elements and text.

Description: Cuatro Vientos (Four Winds) is a multimedia dance-theater production that confronts fears and strategies of walking alone. Dancers(female and non-binary) and ceremonialists investigate the physiology of fear, the concept of freedom and finding risk and refuge in the natural world. It is inspired by Boubion’s 10-week residency in the Mojave desert during the pandemic and is dedicated to raising awareness and building solidarity for murdered and missing women accross the globe.

DETAILS: **All Are Welcome!** Dancers who sing, singers who move, actors who dance ¡adelante!
*The show dates are: June 8th and 10th at the Joe Goode Annex as part of the San Francisco International Arts Festival.
*Rehearsals are 9-10 hours a week March 20-June 10 with hourly compensation of $20/hr. Performances are compensated at $100. (Possible additional performances of Cuatro Vientos in 2023)

**Audition is optional**. For those interested in the audition aspect~Strong consideration for BIPOC, Female-identified, non-binary or femme participants to support the narrative of the piece and the issue of femicide as a global crisis. North, South, East and West. Strong Modern or Ballet technique a must. Contact Improv skills a plus as it relates to connection as a path to safety.

Fun Fact:
This piece kicks off the 10th Anniversary of Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers – FLACC.
FLACC2023: Cuatro Vientos

Photo Credit: Eva Soltes