birdvideos 090“TEMENOS”: A Movement Practice for Female Identified Bodies.

The concept of temenos arose in classical Mediteranean cultures as an area reserved for worship of the gods. Some authors have used the term to apply to a sacred grove of trees, isolated from everyday living spaces, while other usage points to areas within ancient urban development that are parts of sanctuaries.

Drawing on the foundations of the Tamalpa Life-Art Process, nature archetypes, mindfulness practices, somatics and dance technique, this class will inspire and support:


  • movement expression & improvisation through a method called “Body Part Mapping”.
  • stress reduction through anatomically sound movement and somatic techniques.
  • intermodal arts practice (movement, drawing, vocal expression, writing or spoken word)
  • EcoSomatic Integration based on natural elements of the body found in nature.
  • Claiming Identity (gender, sexuality, religious, career, cultural heritage)
  • building intimacy through non-sexual touch, contact improvisation, compassionate witnessing and group sharing.
  • the release of blocks from past trauma that are present in the body.

Already have a movement practice? Come for life-long facilitation tools or to generate meaningful movement for your next piece!


Together, we will carve out a dedicated space that C.J. Jung called “Temenos”: A safe and sacred space to play and create!

Stay tuned for new schedule. Contact me for booking: chuparosadancing@gmail.com