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7 Senses in CI begins this Sunday!


7 Senses of Contact Improvisation- at Studio Azul, Berkeley, Ca.


Sight, sound, tastbirdvideos 090e, smell, and the “touching” language of contact improvisation. Investigations and inquiry of the moving body in space and time…from the vast and intricate “articulations” of TOUCH, INTUITION,  EQUILIBRIUM (balance) and PROPRIOCEPTION (sensing location from the inside). The inner ear / (h)ear. Somatics.#)*) (note: seemingly arbitrary post-modernist over-punctuation:–:

Idiomatics of Contact Improv meets Exploratory Release Technique and other stuff. Post modern dance techniques broken down slowly with repetition. Expanding vocabulary of physics in contact, improvising with movement score/s -concepts to play with in solo or in contact with others. Returning to neutral. Integrating physical, emotional, mental.

Moving into the Spring Equinox, we’ll gain our equilibrium from a fear-inducing government and focus on developing a heightened awareness of the spidey senses during Women’s history month.

***All genders welcome-(feminists only of course) ***All Levels- (Beginners are welcome).

If Jane Austin had contact improvisation, it would have all made sense!
(Sense and Sensibility= Body and Mind).
Find freedom in movement through the IDIOMATICS of the senses, exploratory TECHNIQUES, and the CURIOSITY within creative process.

cioutside*INTUITION: (Developing your 6th Sense) Ability to predict and support movement, as well as, opening doors to the unconscious stories of the body/mind. Using aesthetic feedback scores, somatic transference, creative restrictions, blindfolded exercises, RE-membering natural origins and body part mapping.

*EQUILIBRIUM: Finding balance and proprioceptive awareness in solo and in contact with others. Learning lizandlizzanatomically sound pathways of movement, head/tail connection, spiraling in and out of the floor, falling off your axis, turning upside down, working with your range of motion, traveling and changing direction/orientation.

*TOUCH/CONTACT: Where sensitivity and skill are wedded. Increasing fluency and articulation of mindful liz22touch vocabulary. The language of contact is 3-fold: Functional Vocabulary (rolling, pivoting, sliding, pushing, pulling etc…), Sensing systems (auric field/proximal, nervous system, limbic system, muscular, skeletal, cardio vascular…etc) and Relational Contact (giving/receiving, leading/following, supporting, witnessing, sharing, saving ourselves and eachother etc…)


4 SUNDAYS / March 5, 12, 19, 26
3:30pm-6:30pm (3 hour classes)
$220 for all 4. 
$75 non-refundable registration fee to hold your spot)

**Note: Class builds on itself so drop-in is not preferred unless you are an advanced/experienced dancer or you are attending the first classes in sequence. Pro-rated is fine- must contact email below.

Pay now!

$220/ 4 classes (including non-refundable registration fee $75): www.PayPal.Me/LizBoubion/220

Non-refundable Registration Fee Only ($75 to Reserve your spot.  Remaining Balance due March 4): www.PayPal.Me/LizBoubion/75

*For Tamalpa Associates and Dancers Group Members, please email me and send your payment with your discount directly through your Pay Pal Account to the Piñata Dance Collective (non-refundable registration fee still applies)
email: flacc.info@gmail.com    
*Partial Scholarships available upon request.
*Receive $10 off for every friend you bring with you!  Please share the FB event page with your friends and tell them you are going. Be sure you let them know about the friend referral! 🙂

RSVP on FB herehttps://www.facebook.com/events/1108042722637556/

Imagine all the dots are people.[:]::[::]:.[:..].:.:.:. ~secret codes~Etc.

Short Video sample of combining contemporary and contact dance:


Liz’s Piñata News


collage I’m celebrating my 15th year of dancing in the SF Bay Area!  I have so many people and places to thank for supporting, teaching, collaborating, inspiring, joining, and helping me to be a mother and artist.  WOW!! Is it really 2014?? My son keeps asking me if a time travel machine has been invented yet.  Not sure, but if all things go as planned, this year of the HORSE will bring travel for Piñata Dance Collective.  I am currently seeking artist residencies in Mexico for my movement research in ancestral land-sensing as well as the contemporary and indigenous roots of La Piñata.  Dates TBA. Wish me luck!  See below for all classes, news and events I am offering for the next few months, as well as my new  **creative economics policy**.

Warmly, Liz Boubion, MFA, RSMT

  • TEMENOS: A Movement Practice for Women– with Liz Boubion. 1st Saturdays of March, April, May. 1-5pm.  Drawing on the foundations of the Tamalpa Life-Art Process, mindfulness practices and dance.  ALL LEVELS. No experience necessary. Affordable for all.  Drop-In OK.   See More…
  • ONE BILLION RISINGFirst Presbyterian Church, 2619 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612
    Doors open at 6:30 PM, Performance starts at 7:00 PM
    With Bay Area Rising. Stand for Real Love. TICKETS WERE SOLD OUT LAST YEAR!  GET YOURS IN ADVANCE!  A V-Day community ritual evening of music and dance in Oakland, standing up against violence toward women and girls.  I will be singing in the Center with an original song I wrote called “Holy Land” with vocal accompaniment by Afia Walking Tree and Hallie McConnlogue. I will also be dancing in the West for Anne Bluethenthal and Dancers with Melanie DeMore singing a beautiful excerpt of Anne’s Forgiveness Project. Buy Tickets…

***If you are interested in learning the One Billion Rising Flash mob Dance with Tina Banchero in preparation for this event, there are 2 more Sundays of rehearsals left: www.bayarearising.org

  • ***Creative Economics Policy*** In 2014, I want to make sure that my private workshops and sessions (TEMENOS: A Movement Practice for Women, and Private Somatic Movement Sessions) are accessible for all income levels by providing the “Donate at the Door” option on Pay Pal. I am also open to trades and work exchange.  For the last 15 years of living in the Bay Area, I have been given an enormous amount of support based on the generosity of people. I have received, free, sliding scale, trades and work exchanges for classes, performances, workshops, donated space, dana-based retreats and really cheap body work that have all supported my artistry, my health and my spiritual growth. They idea is that you give what you can…and what you feel good giving. I have no judgement about it and trust it will pay forward. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!! MUCHAS GRACIAS MIS GENTES BONITAS!


Upcoming workshops and classes you must know about!

If you want to learn drumming from one of the leading traditional African Diasporic female drummers in the Bay Area, or if you need a permaculture restoration in your garden- Check out Afia Walking Tree, M.Ed. at www.afiawalkingtree.com

WINTER CONTACT IMPROVISATION INTENSIVE WITH KARL FROST– Febrary-March.  I highly recommend Karl. He is a very skilled CI teacher and makes contact very accessible and fun.