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Piñata 45: The End of Her Rope is not just a show. The women (and our male allies) in this production are bringing forth powerful stories of resilience, fragility and survival. Our rehearsals are sometimes about product and aesthetic value…. and sometimes about process, healing, showing more of our lived experience and about personal growth. As artists, we are developing the craft of blending these worlds.  As director of PDC, I don’t believe in making art that doesn’t move us forward… or move us through…. or touch on what is untouched- both within ourselves and in the lives of our audience.  Piñata Dance Collective (AKA PussyFleet) is making an impact and we are counting on seeing you in the theater May 11-12.

Why do we place so much value on beauty?  How is beauty defined?

What lengths will we go to attain it?

How do we use this platform to understand more about ourselves as females, people of color, survivors of abuse, gender-based harassment or as artists?

How do we respond to an overtly misogynist president?

In addition to being humorous, quirky, stunningly beautiful, painfully true, uncomfortably grotesque, a courageous reveal of tenderness and, at times, confusing material regarding victimization and empowerment, there are high financial costs and countless hours of preparation.  There are many ways you can support us as we birth this beast.

Please donate to our GoFundMe campaign, purchase tickets and share our FB event page on Social media. Click on the campaign for more info and photos!


Thank you for your generous support

Issachar Curbeon rehearsing “Zinzi”. A piece about body dysmporphia in the eyes of an African American Girl.

Scott Wells and Liz Boubion rehearsing “piñata humana”

Andreina Maldonado and Dominique Nigro rehearsing “Magazine” duet.

Ronja Ver rehearsing solo “Sunflower”


3 days until show time!


Hola community!

I believe FLACC 2016 is even more amazing than I had imagined due to our special guests from Guatemala, New Mexico and Los Angeles and our unique programming featuring *Queer/Trans Latino/a/xs on Friday Dec. 9, *Female Latina Women on Saturday Dec. 10, (both at 8pm) and *Indigenous Contemporary Choreographers on Sunday, Dec. 11 (at 4pm).

Tickets in advance are $20/ at the door $27

Purchase tickets here: http://flacc2016.bpt

*We will have post-show panel discussions led by Ernesto Sopprani, Sandra Pacheco and Catherine Marie Davalos

*a cultural welcoming from Kanyon Sayers Rood, a representative from the Ohlone First Nation.

Video! Watch what our visiting artists are bringing to San Francisco!

I have to say, that the work of Rosa Rodriguez-Frazier and her collaborators, Joey Navarrete and Primera Generación Dance from Los Angeles, really make me miss home….  Rosa will be in all 3 nights showing a duet with Joey on Friday, a solo performance on Saturday, and a Quartet on Sunday.  Brilliantly crafted and poignant material for first-generation Mexican-Americans.
https://vimeo.com/141954791Also from Guatemala, Sabrina Castillo’s group, Momentum are staying in my apartment while I shack up with my brother John down the road.  Sabrina gave a brilliant talk at the UCB panel last saturday.  Momentum is the only contemporary dance company in Guatemala and they are here with us!  Thanks to Saturday’s FLACCista, Diana Lara, de Honduras who introduced us!
Rulan Tangen’s, Dancing Earth- A bi-local company based in New Mexico and San Francisco standing up for Indigenous treaty rights for the last 10 years.  She and her relatives have been dancing with #StandingRock for the last 3 months and are sure to bring us the work that activates and motivates this global society.